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How will your life look like post COVID—19

How will your life look like post COVID—19?

Identifying What’s Important: If we were to take a positive perspective on COVID-19, it’s vital to identify what is really important to us. This is different for each of us, and its good to reflect upon what the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown had upon you, and what you now value more than you did previously? What we have...

Is Self-harming becoming more prevalent

Is Self-harming becoming more prevalent?

Self-harm is more common than many people realise. It’s when a person deliberately hurts themselves through some form of self-injury, often cutting, but also: Scratching one’s own skin repeatedly Picking at scabs so they don’t heal Burning oneself with cigarettes and other items Biting, bruising or hitting themselves Head-banging A common misconception about self-harm is that it’s an attempt at...

How Can We Be More Positive

How Can We Be More Positive?

There’s literally an epidemic of negative talk, and depression that many of us are experiencing/observing all around  us – made worse by COVID. Are we being manipulated by the media and social media platforms where the vast majority of the content generated is generally one of fear, doom and gloom, and/or of scarcity? Rarely televising happiness, joy, and inspiration…? And by...