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New Direction Psychology offers counselling services for a variety of clients including:



Children may need support to safely navigate their way to adulthood. We provide a guiding hand to overcome those bumps in the road that can occur.



A teenager’s internal compass swings madly from one direction to another – sometimes in a matter of seconds. Help your teenager overcome some of the key issues that typically occur during this stage of life: peer pressure, depression, isolation and self-image to name a few.



Are you tired of going around and around never feeling like your moving forward? If you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, burdened by life, or need to find harmony and balance, let us explore with you, a new direction.

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Is your relationship not as harmonious as you would like? You can change direction before getting to this destination. Let one of our experienced psychologists guide you to speak your truth and understand each other.



What happens when everyone in the family seems to be going off in a different direction? The good news is it’s never too late – or too early – to repair a problem in your family. Learn tools and skills to get the family life you want.


Older Adults

What happens when the circle of friends and family you’ve grown old with starts to get smaller? When you lose connection to the outside world through pain, grief, isolation or loss of purpose, it’s never too late to find a new direction.

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Workers’ Compensation Counselling

Our team of experienced psychologists are committed to assisting you in overcoming the hurdles posed by work-related injuries and trauma, including through PTSD therapies and evidence-based counselling techniques.


Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Every child develops skills at their own pace. Our Perth paediatric occupational therapist will take the time to complete a thorough occupational therapy assessment and set goals and interventions.

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